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SMC welcomes you to share its experience on delivering Primary Health Care Program in South Sudan. South Sudan is part of greater territory of Sudan. It is a land of abundant natural resources that has remained backward and underdeveloped due to more than 50 years of civil wars (only interrupted by relative peace from 1972-1983).

In 2005 a Comprehensive Peace Agreement or CPA was signed between the Central Government in Khartoum and Sudan People Liberation Movement (predominantly in the South); As a result, on January 9, 2011 a Referendum was conducted in South Sudan and with that a birth of a new nation called Republic of South Sudan.

In years past, access and delivery of vital health services to average citizens has been limited or non-existent in most areas; The new Government of South Sudan is trying to correct this situation, but is still unable to meet all the needs; this situation is complicated by a new Civil War that started since December 2013 to date. For this reason, SMC continues its commitment of many years to contribute on delivering Primary Healthcare services in South Sudan in partnership with the government, beneficiary communities and donors.

We are currently running Primary Health Care Programs at six Primary Healthcare Centers and 14 Units , in Jonglei State, with a total staff of 178. The year 2017 continues to be a challenge for our work, because the insecurity from ongoing civil war continues to make the roads unsafe. Rain has made the roads impassable, and funding still on the shortfall. Nevertheless, our staff still volunteers their time at work even though they cannot support their families.

You can make a difference in many ways; either by talking to friends and colleagues, donating or organizing volunteer team to serve in the field.

In SMC we believe that a Healthy community will be productive, and a productive community can live in peace, look after itself and aid others in need.  You can help in achieving this goal- so please, feel free to give us feedback using the “Contact Us” tab on our website.


Dr. D. M Deng, Executive Director

Sudan Medical Care